Getting Started with Packetriot

Instantly and securely host server applications and static websites on the Internet. Packetriot is targeted at software developers but can support a wide-variety of scenarios and users. Here are some examples you can easily implement:

  • Hosting static and dynamic web applications
  • Testing callbacks for public APIs like Stripe, Firebase, and many others
  • Testing backend APIs with modern JavaScript frontends such as Vue, React, or Angular
  • Self-hosting popular applications: Nextcloud, GitLab, Plex, etc.
  • Managing fleets of IoT devices

Packetriot can serve HTTP and HTTPS traffic and supports generic TCP relaying. Our client works similarly to a web server and reverse proxy but it creates a tunnel to one of our edge-servers that is used to expose HTTP/TCP services running on a local or private network.

Our client includes support for Let's Encrypt and will automatically maintain and update those certificates. It can also support using trusted 3rd-party (Verisign, Comodo, DigiCert) or self-signed certificates.

In many scenarios the Packetriot client can replace a web server you may already be running, particularly if you're using it for TLS termination.

Our service and software support a wide variety of configurations, however, the core functionality of Packetriot is hosting applications and static content on the Internet.

We're glad to discuss your use-case or needs if you think we can help. Please contact us.


Checkout our quickstart guide to get up and running quickly.

Want to try out the more advance features in our client? Our full documentation describes all the functions availabler and provides examples.

Video - Quickstart Walkthrough